The Original Brus

Trader Simba
    • Youngest of the bunch
    • White collar Project Manager
    • Investment strategy: Heads I win, tails I don't lose big
    • Husband and fur dad to a little horse like dog
    • Part time Professional cat herder 
    • Based in Ottawa, ON
    • Full Bio Here



Trader Rich

    • Cautiously optimistic… 
    • Engineer by day, most experienced trader and possible frontrunner
    • Investment strategy: Play the long game
    • Husband and newborn dad 
    • Best travelled of the bunch
    • Based in Ottawa, ON
    • Full Bio Here



Trader Rod

    • Graduate of the school of hard knocks
    • Self-made Restaurateur. 
    • Investment strategy: Measured and going with my gut
    • Husband and occasional informal youth mentor  
    • Traveler and globe trotting aficionado
    • Based in London, England
    • Full Bio Here


Trader Ron
    • Financial background and masters in Sustainable Financing.
    • Blue collar day job and side hustle entrepreneur
    • Investment strategy: deep considered thinker
    • Oldest of the bunch; Husband & Father of two
    • Leads by example
    • Based in Toronto,ON
    • Full Bio Here



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